Summer Lunch Cruise

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Rachel's Widowhood Journey

The Case for Widows

The case for widows is as old as time. Throughout human history the care and nurture of widows stands as a litmus test for society. It reveals the true heart and soul of a people. The same is true today. In our fast paced western culture, the true reflection of societal morality is revealed in the mirror of widowhood. Caring for widows is expressed in mandatory terms in the Bible (Scripture).  It is a top priority for all of mankind.  At a deeper level, the call is directed to each individual and the responsibility is absolute.


Our Mission – to help widows connect so they may live, heal, grow and, in time, thrive.

We exist to serve today’s community of widows and are an expression of God’s might at work in their world.  Our passion is for the widow – to meet her where she is, on her terms, in meaningful ways, at appropriate times, and to expect nothing in return.

We understand that the burden the widow carries is fit for her shoulders alone. We desire to extend a helping hand and walk beside her in her journey.