Widow Connect Event for Moms

Raising kids alone after the death of your husband can be a difficult task. Connecting with other widows in a similar situation can be extremely helpful ... both to have someone who understands and also someone who can share her experiences and tips. If you have kids still at home, please join us for a special Widow Connect meeting Saturday, Sept. 6, from 9-11 a.m. at the St. Louis Park Byerly's. Grab a coffee and/or breakfast from Byerly's and then meet us in the Community Room. RSVP to info@widowmight.org.

Rachel's Widowhood Journey

Looking to Connect with Other Widows?

Are you looking to connect with other women who share your widow experience? Then we encourage you to attend or coordinate a Widow Connect activity, an informal get-together coordinated by a widow who wishes to have fun and fellowship with other widows. If you have an idea for an activity, we encourage you to be the coordinator. All you have to do is email Widow Might at info@widowmight.org with the details: activity description, date, time, and any special instructions. Widow Might will send an email to all the women in our database and post the information on our Facebook page. Widow Might will provide RSVP information to you. It's that simple. We hope to see you at a Widow Connect event soon.


Our Mission – to help widows connect so they may live, heal, grow and, in time, thrive.

We exist to serve today’s community of widows and are an expression of God’s might at work in their world.  Our passion is for the widow – to meet her where she is, on her terms, in meaningful ways, at appropriate times, and to expect nothing in return.

We understand that the burden the widow carries is fit for her shoulders alone. We desire to extend a helping hand and walk beside her in her journey.